A new age: Content Marketing


Content marketing is a new trend in which information itself is used as a way to create value and sell products and services. In many senses this type of marketing can be seen as a new age in marketing and one that goes along with the so named information age in general.

What is Content Marketing?

First let’s get a slightly better idea of what content marketing is. As a general marketing trend, this type of marketing is the practice of providing potential or existing customers with free information. This information is intended to inform and intrigue the customer, causing them to see the company as a friendly informational resource rather than somebody that is merely trying to sell them something. The hope is that this will encourage the potential customer to actually do business with the company. And this hope is justified: it tends to do exactly that, creating loyal customers on the strength of the free exchange of information.

What Form does the Information Take?

The information used in this kind of marketing is often found on the Internet, but that is not the only avenue for informational content of this sort. It may also be propagated through custom magazines, free brochures and booklets, and so on. In Internet marketing it takes many different forms as well, showing up as web pages, articles, blog posts, podcasts, and video. All of these media can be used to deliver free informational content to people and give them a sense of value, trust, brand loyalty, and simply to inform them of options a certain company offers. It is found most extensively in internet marketing but can appear in ese other arenas to great effect as well.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, sometimes known as seo or seo optimization, refers to the practice of creating web content that is easily found by search engines and which thus generates web traffic to a specific site or sites. Seo or seo optimization is an art in itself, often involving in depth research into which keywords are being most popularly searched upon and using backlinking or blog or article marketing to drive web traffic to specific location on the Internet. Seo, when used skillfully and professionally, can virtually guarantee a business’ website increased traffic.

Get up to Speed with the New Age

Why does all this represent a “new age”? Primarily because the free exchange of information for its own sake goes along with a shift in priorities. Although the eventual aim is to increase sales, this is left to the customer’s discretion and the emphasis is on creating trust, informing people, and giving value with no strings attached. Given that much of the history of marketing and advertising has been driven by fairly crass and self-serving techniques for reaching the customer, this large scale attitude shift is both encouraging and new.


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